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Friday, June 30, 2006

Gemmell's Dana Point - 06.06

We have been to Gemmell's a little over half a dozen times. Each time has been memorable and left us both mouth-watering and wishing we could live there. Gemmell's is truly a hidden treasure right in the heart of Dana Point. The service is impeccable and the culinary adventures are spectacular.

One of the first few times that we went to Gemmells, Jay had the lamb chops. The dish came to our table very red and savory. Needless to say, Jay loved it. It was tender, meaty and the sauce of roasted garlic and fresh thyme was delectable.

Anna Lisa had the Chilean sea bass with mustard cream sauce - - her favorite dish of just about all time. As always, the fish melts in one's mouth and each bite is worth taking one's time to enjoy. That night, we took the recommendation of our server, RG, who suggested that we try Star Hill pinot noir. The selection was lovely and not too overpowering for the dishes we picked.

We have been back to Gemmell's many times since this visit and look forward to returning again and again. Here's a tip - - call ahead and reserve the corner booth. Your dinner will be especially private and memorable.