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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Rendezvous, San Juan Capistrano - 11.30.05

We heard about a new restaurant in San Juan Capistrano. Actually, Jay heard about it through a chance encounter with someone in one of the local hangouts. Anyway, it was recommended; we looked at the impressive website and decided to go to a rare mid-week dinner.

We were both immediately pleased with the decor and atmosphere. It has a bar with a baby grand piano and the overall effect of Rendezvous is classy and established. We met the proprietor, who turned out to have owned a couple of restaurants in the East Coast. It made sense that he is manning this one because it has a very Northeastern feel to it.

enjoyed it. We had just gone to a place called Vine in San Clemente a few weeks before this trip. We could not help but compare this ravioli dish with the one at Vine. The raWe chose a ravioli dish as an appetizer and by looking at the photo, it is clear that we bothvioli appetizer at Vine had truffle oil and was a tad more delicate than the one at Rendezvous. Nevertheless, it was heartily enjoyed.

Jay ordered the Prime Flat Iron Steak prepared with Cilantro Chimichurri & Tzaziki Sauce, Rendezvous Bistro Fries, Summer Tomato Salad. It was delicious, meaty, juicy and hit all the right spots. The fries were packed with flavor and it made the experience promising.

Anna Lisa chose the Pan Seared Alaskan Halibut with Hazelnut Romesco Sauce, Homemade Gnocchi, Asparagus, Baby Artichokes, Wild Mushrooms, Crispy Prosciutto. I had to pick out the bacon but enjoyed the fish and all else that came with it. It was presented beautifully - - with colorful red, yellow and green sauces.

Rendezvous was well worth the mid-week dinner. The service was a bit sloppy - - we waited longer than expected for our entrees - - too long for a Wednesday night. Still, we knew on the way out that we would be back.


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